About Us

Diamantaj’s vision is to be the leader in the Middle East in diamond trading by delivering better value for clients. Established in 2010 and licensed by the Dubai Multi Commodity Center Authority (DMCC), registration number “31478”. DMCC has implemented a robust compliance and regulatory regime which is in line with the compliance related laws and regulations of the UAE Federal Government and the competent international bodies.

The DMCC, which provides the infrastructure for commodities trade in Dubai, now ranks the emirate within the world top ten diamond and gold trading hubs.

Diamantaj is a member of the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE), a subsidiary of the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre Authority (DMCC); DDE is also the first Arab member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses (WFDB). Being affiliated to WFDB provides DDE global accessibility and opens the door to tremendous opportunities for local, regional and international diamond traders; in addition to assuring ethical and good business practice.

Knowing the importance of a fit-for-purpose regulatory framework, modern infrastructure, innovative products and cost efficient, value-added services, which Dubai Multi commodity Center Authority (DMCC) and Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) have furnished to the business environment, Diamantaj captured the opportunity to introduce a regional diamond trading platform to cater for retail clients and corporate partners.

Diamantaj’s core business is to cater to clients from the Middle East interested in buying diamonds via an online trading platform. Clients will benefit from Diamantaj’s focus on providing the best user experience through offering a service that is adapted to regional and local needs and considerations.

We focus on superior transaction execution quality, attractive pricing, products variety, and responsive customer service as the key components for being competitive in the ever-growing diamond industry.

Our shareholders have a long-established, track record in the diamond and jewelry business, building untarnished reputation for over than forty years in business.